Prayer Request

Prayer Request

At Worship Services

In this beloved community, no matter what’s on your heart you can count on others to be with you in prayer.

Whenever you are at MCC:

Trained prayer partners are available to join with you for personal prayer after most services. Look for them at the front of the sanctuary.

Written prayer requests can be placed in the offering plates or given to any staff member. Each week, MCCSF staff & clergy pray together for your requests.

All prayers will be kept confidential.

Requesting Spiritual Care & On-line Prayer Requests

Wherever you are:

If you have a prayer request, are facing a health concern, or need spiritual support, we are here for you.

Please e-mail Rev. Annie or Rev. Joe to submit a prayer request online. Your prayer request will be confidential and prayed over by the MCC SF staff. Thank you and blessings.