Welcome to MCC San Francisco

Castro Street Fair Fundraiser



10:00 am - 4:00 pm

MCC San Francisco (Eureka)
150 Eureka Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Every Fall members and friends of MCC-SF  enthusiastically encourage folks to donate at the gate for Castro Street Fair. As one of the Beneficiary Organizations every volunteer hour worked gets credited to our account and helps fund MCCSF programs

Your volunteer work helps support the fabulous programs of MCCSF!  Please wear an MCCSF t-shirt if you have one, especially if you’re working the gate [18th & Diamond].

Volunteer check-in is at the booth on Market street behind the Main Stage — GO THERE FIRST!!! … morning gate people are not allowed to check-in before 10a … It’s also vitally important to go check-out after your shift is over.
Please remember to wear sunblock / hat / cap / loose attire, as weather reports are projecting very warm temperatures.
Thanks again! For more info, email Tim or biff.   Thanks!