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Discussion on Endowment



7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

MCC San Francisco (Eureka)
150 Eureka Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

OfferingBrown Bag Discussion on Endowment

On Sunday, June 7 the MCCSF Board of Directors invited the congregation to discuss the investment of our building-sale proceeds at a brown-bag meeting held in the Fellowship Hall.  

A second meeting is scheduled for June 21 following the 6 PM service.
The Board met on April 25 to discuss how we will invest the funds from our sale of 138 and 150 Eureka Street buildings, and unanimously agreed to create an endowment. We welcome input and questions from congregants at the brown-bag discussion before we put the board recommendation to a congregational vote Sunday, July 12.
We would like to remind the congregation of our focus for this discussion:
  • Protecting our one asset: We are committed to having pledges support our operating expenses and not eat away at our reserves for things like office supplies.
  • Smart money management: We have transferred the resource of our church building and apartment from a volatile real estate market to manageable funds. These are our only assets and must be managed responsibly. The board is considering an endowment as the best option.
  • Responsible process: Just like our move, we will have congregational discussions and vote. Our bylaw changes were done in anticipation of giving authority of these funds to the whole congregation.
  • Shift for MCCSF: This is a big shift in self-understanding for MCCSF, and an opportunity for us to talk openly and honestly about money.