Welcome to MCC San Francisco

Board of Directors

Our Board Leadership

  • Lisa Eller, Vice-Moderator and Financial Secretary (First term started 2017)
  • Jeff Stauffer, Treasurer (First term started 2015)
  • Chris Starr, Clerk (First term started 2018)
  • Carol Fears, Member (Appointed 2023)

Board Responsibilities

Strategic Planning, Finances (Stewardship, Fundraising), Property (Facilities), Risk Management, Church Policy, Legal, Pastoral Search.

Contact the Board of Directors

Email the clerk at bod@mccsf.org or speak with a board member after services.

Board Meeting Schedule

Your Board of Directors meets regularly on the fourth Thursday of each month, unless otherwise announced. Board meetings, except executive sessions, are open to all congregants and members of MCCSF.

Lay Delegate

Lay Delegates represent the congregation at General Conference stay aware of and communicate with the congregation, Pastor, and Board of Directors, regarding UFMCC activities, concerns and policies. Lay Delegates attend meetings of the Board of Directors.

MCCSF Bylaws and Official Documents

UFMCC Bylaws