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Welcome to MCC San Francisco!
A Home for Queer Spirituality

We are a spiritual community which affirms that you are beloved! We serve as a witness of God’s radically inclusive love as “a home for queer spirituality.”

MCC San Francisco is part of the Metropolitan Community Churches, an international Christian denomination that embraces lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender persons, along with our families, friends, and advocates.

We come from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and believe there are many paths to the holy.

We celebrate not only the spirit but also the body as a place where God or the holy may be found.

We believe our bodies, our sexualities and our genders are sacred gifts.

We believe ourselves called to nurture one another in our individual and collective spiritual growth. We have proven to be a community of healing for many who previously thought of themselves as alone, unloved, or unholy.

We also believe ourselves called to a prophetic ministry championing the marginalized, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. We work for justice and peace.

We have Christian roots, and for that very reason we want to be for you “a house of prayer for all people” as Isaiah prophesied and Jesus called us to be.

We invite you to visit us for any or all of our services and programs!

What to Expect When Visiting MCC San Francisco (Services are held in-person and on Zoom)

What will the services be like at MCCSF? On Sundays at 9am our worship experience honors this community’s historical roots in the progressive Christian tradition while keeping our longtime commitment to the work of inclusivity, justice and healing.
Will communion be served? Communion is served at Sunday’s worship service. Most people participate, but it is certainly not required and you are welcome simply to remain seated during this part of the service. At MCCSF, the communion ritual serves as a moving reminder of God’s loving nourishment available to all. At each service you will hear this affirmation and invitation: “At MCCSF and at MCC around the world we celebrate an open communion. That means you do not have to be a member of this church or of any church to receive this meal. These are the gifts of God for all the people of God, so come just as you are and receive this gift.”
What should I wear to services at MCCSF? Please wear whatever clothing you are comfortable in to services. We are not formal at MCCSF.
How long is the average in-person service at MCCSF? For our Sunday service the average length of worship is around 60 minutes. Candlelight on Wednesdays is about 30 minutes.
Do I need to speak to anyone when I arrive or at any other time while I’m there? You may speak to those in attendance at worship services or not, it is solely up to you. If you need someone to pray with you following a service, someone will be made available for that to happen.