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Queer Book of Hours

qbohQueer Book of Hours
Prayers of Healing and Celebration

Books of Hours were the most popular books of the Middle Ages and were used by people in their personal devotions at a time when church authorities kept most people as mere spectators in community rituals. Following this tradition, MCCSF has created our own Queer Book of Hours, divided into sections by days of the week, with prayers for morning, midday and evening.

Special thanks are due to the original creators of MCCSF’s Queer Book of Hours: Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon, Rev. Paul Fairley, and Courtney Gulden.

Ubi caritas et amor, Deus/Dea ibi est.

MCCSF’s Queer Book of Hours is lovingly dedicated to Rev. Paul Fairley, longtime friend and pastor of MCC San Francisco, who stepped into the presence of God on Saturday, 6 December 2008. We know that Paul is shaking things up in Heaven, because we sometimes hear the angels laughing.

Prayers for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

Click on one of the day tiles below to reveal prayers for that day. Prayers are available for the morning, afternoon, and evening. Each prayer is accompanied by a meditation and an affirmation.