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Metropolitan Community Churches are on a bold mission to transform heartslives, and history…Just as Jesus did, we are called to: Do justice, show kindness, and live humbly with God.

(Micah 6:8) – From MCC’s Statement of Vision

MCC recognizes a state of need around the world in the areas of human rights and justice. As people of faith, we have a responsibility to act on behalf of those who cannot effect change on their own. We endeavor to build bridges that liberate and unite voices of sacred defiance.

We lead from the margins. We transform.

Global Justice Institute

Stand with the Global Justice Institute. No discrimination! No religious exemptions!

Thursday February 2nd, 2017 gjiadmin
Today we write to address the imminent possibility that President Donald Trump will sign an executive order rescinding former President Barack Obama’s executive order prohibiting discrimination against federal employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We also share concern that President Trump will, within a few days, sign an executive order that would create […]

Chelsea Manning

Wednesday January 18th, 2017 gjiadmin
Held in a military prison for men and denied necessary medical and psychological treatment, the thirty-five year sentence of Chelsea Manning was commuted by President Obama on Tuesday, 17 January 2017. Thank you, Mr. President, for saving her life. Manning confessed to leaking military incident logs and diplomatic cables, and later apologized for her offences. […]

An invitation to action to combat gun violence

Tuesday June 21st, 2016 gjiadmin
The first anniversary of the attack on Mother Emanuel AME Church (Charleston, South Carolina, USA).  The massacre at the Pulse Nightclub (Orlando, Florida, USA). Newtown.  San Bernardino.  Virginia Tech.  Fort Hood.  It’s not just about the list of mass shootings being too long. There should be no list.  The Global Justice Institute and Metropolitan Community Churches […]

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia – Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wednesday May 11th, 2016 gjiadmin
Conceived in 2004 by French activist Louis-Georges Tin to commemorate the decision of the World Health Organization (1990) to de-pathologize homosexuality by removing it from the International Classification of Diseases, May 17th has become a globally recognized day to raise awareness of LGBTQI lives and call attention to efforts to end discrimination and violence and […]

Take Action During National Torture Awareness Month

Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 gjiadmin
Plan an Event at Your Church   Every human being is created to reflect the image of God and is worthy of dignity and respect. So we unite around the belief that no one should face inhumane confinement or any form of torture. We have an opportunity to join with faith leaders and activists of […]

Join Faith Leaders for a Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

Monday April 25th, 2016 gjiadmin
The Global Justice Institute and Metropolitan Community Churches are committed to cultivating a world in which peace can thrive. One of the first steps in creating peaceful places to stand against violence, gun violence in particular.  We invite you, yourcongregation, and your faith partners to join the International Action on Small Arms (IANSA).  Held annually, this week of […]

Faith Leaders Combat Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse

Thursday January 14th, 2016 gjiadmin
Conference Call with White House Friday, 15 January 2016, 1pm Eastern USA A Call to Action for Faith Based Leaders:  Combat Substance Use Disorders in Your Communities   The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood […]

Global Justice Institute Marks World Human Rights Day with Call to Prayer and Action

Wednesday December 9th, 2015 gjiadmin
Part of our founding vision in Metropolitan Community Churches includes responding to the Biblical mandate to shape a world of just and right relationship. Over the years we, as people of faith, have preached a Gospel of equality, offered safe space and worked to address the intersections between homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, mass incarceration, poverty […]

Giving Tuesday

Thursday December 3rd, 2015 gjiadmin
Dear Friend of The Global Justice Institute: Tuesday, December 1, is National #GivingTuesday. The Global Justice Institute is coming together with LGBT organizations around the U.S. for a day of focused philanthropy. #GivingTuesday allows everyone to honor phenomenal success in the LGBT equality movement by investing in its future. Our work is unfinished. The Global Justice […]

Join the Movement to End Mass Incarceration

Thursday November 12th, 2015 gjiadmin
In her bestselling book The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander likened the U.S. criminal justice system to the Jim Crow caste system of the U.S. South, in which a class of Americans are subject to a basic political, economic, and judicial system of legalized discrimination.  Her powerful analysis inspired a new look at the impact […]

MCC Global Justice News

Call for Swift Action on Behalf of Chechnyan Detainees

Friday April 14th, 2017 admin
Global Justice Institute Metropolitan Community Churches Call for Swift Action on Behalf of Chechnyan Detainees April 2017 — Early this month, journalist Elena Milashina, writing for the opposition paper, Novaya Gazeta in Russia, broke the collaborated story of the unlawful … Continued

Sign the petition – stop the drownings

Tuesday September 8th, 2015 admin
We’ve been shocked by the image of the drowned innocent boy all over the media this morning and have joined this campaign demanding EU politicians take urgent action to save lives and give sanctuary to people fleeing war and hunger. … Continued

Public Policy Team Decries Massacre and Calls for Preaching, Practicing, and Praying for An End to Racially-Inspired Violence

Friday June 19th, 2015 admin
On Wednesday, June 17th, the world drew a collective gasp of horror once again, as yet another senseless act of gun violence claimed 9 innocent, caring, faithful lives at an historic Black Church, Emanuel AME, in Charleston, South Carolina. Photo … Continued

Join the Human Chain of Peace Against Hatred and Discrimination in Seoul

Monday June 8th, 2015 admin
Join us in supporting The Korea Queer Culture Festival and organizers who have been blocked by local government and police from having the Seoul Pride parade after 16 years. In response to demands by anti-LGBT secular and religious groups, the Seoul … Continued

Awareness, Affirmation & Action

Monday March 30th, 2015 admin
A Conversation and Call To Action   MCC Public Policy Team members Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin (Sunshine Cathedral’s Executive Minister and member of MCC Governing Board) and Rev. DeWayne Davis(Senior Pastor of All God’s Children MCC) invite you to join … Continued


Monday March 30th, 2015 admin
27 March 2015 Dear MCC Leader: We are writing to share that the response to this year’s Easter Offering for the Global Justice Institute has been strong! 32 congregations have signed up already! THANK YOU TO ALL THE CONGREGATIONS LISTED … Continued

Help promote LGBT rights in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia

Thursday March 26th, 2015 admin
Hello friends, This summer Rev. Dr. Boon Lin Ngeo will be traveling to Asia on behalf of the Global Justice Institute. Rev. Boon has worked extensively abroad for the Institute and this year will visit China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, … Continued


Friday February 27th, 2015 admin
In a few days, the United States will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of one of the most famous events in Civil Rights History:  the March from Selma to Montgomery.  It was a painful and bloody moment in the struggle for … Continued

Join MCC’s 2015 Easter Offering Campaign for Global Justice

Monday February 23rd, 2015 admin
Dear MCC Leader: We’re reaching out to you to ask for your congregation’s participation in MCC’s Easter Offering Campaign for Global Justice! As we’ve seen in the past year, this work is more important now than ever before.   Your … Continued

Black LGBT Religious Leaders Statement of Unity and Purpose

Thursday December 11th, 2014 admin
Black LGBT Religious Leaders Act with Historically Black Churches: “Black Bodies Matter” LGBT Black Christians and faith leaders join tens of thousands of historically Black congregations/ denominations and allies to wear black to church on Sunday, December 14 in response … Continued