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ufmccTHE UFMCC: Our Worldwide Fellowship

MCC San Francisco is a part of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC).

The objectives of the UFMCC are to bind together churches for the purpose of sharing in the worship of God in the Christian tradition, and to make God’s will dominant in the lives of all people, individually and collectively, as set forth in the Holy Scriptures.

At MCC, we are tearing down walls and building up hope in some places where no other religious or charitable organizations are willing to go. In fact, in some places, we are tearing down the walls that religious organizations have created.

Reverend Elder Troy Perry, our Founding Moderator, created the ministry and movement we call MCC when he invited twelve gay men to worship in his home in 1968 and reassured them that God loved them. Thirty-eight years later, those twelve have become more than 86,000 people per month who visit our web site and almost 20,000 who give tithes to our ministry and attend a worship gathering each week. Like the first twelve disciples, MCCers are hitting the streets in 24 countries, stopping outside the gate to minister to the oppressed, doing justice and telling the Good News of Jesus to those who feel that there is no Good News.

Less than one year ago, the number of people visiting our web site was much smaller. Why are more people coming to MCC?

Religious oppression is increasing…
Exclusion is the name of the game with the far right religious groups…
Liberation theology has great appeal in a world that feels less safe than it did ten years ago…

We live in an unfinished world and we have an unfinished calling. Until all people are free to worship without rejection and free to commit to love whom they will, our work is not done.