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Our Stained-Glass Showcase

This page is dedicated to the Community of MCCSF, those that have gone before us and those that are here now.

The Stained Glass Windows at 150 Eureka are all hand made and dedicated to various MCCSF Members, loved ones, and Congregants who have gone before us.

We offer this page, these pictures, and these memories of those special people who contributed in so many ways to highlight that we are a Community Of People, who love, worship, share, and support each other every day of our lives.

Thank you to all who have contributed to MCC San Francisco by making it sparkle and shine, just as each piece of the Stained Glass at 150 Eureka brightens our sanctuary. We love you dearly and will never forget!

The 12-window project dedicated in 1993 is called “Heavenly Wind” and is an abstraction representing God’s breath flowing through the sanctuary and congregation. Each pair of windows incorporates a color from the rainbow which is a symbol of pride, unity, and celebration in the LGBT Communities.

The Breath of the Divine Hope
Flowing through the sanctuary
and the congregation
A lit candle as may be left
burning awaiting someone’s return
Healing Liberation
An open hand with a 6-pointed
star burst in the palm to bless
those in need of healing
(The Greg Wherry Memorial Window)
A key and key hole to unlock
the doors and chains that
keep us from freedom
(The Rev. Rick Weatherly &
Scott Johnson Memorial Window)
WomenSpirit Joy
A woman worshipping,
superimposed with a pomegranate,
a symbol of fertility
(In memory of the nameless women who have given
their lives for their spirituality)
Musical Notes to represent the
uplifting spirit of music
(Donated by Laura Kinley in honor of Alison Salter, who said
“just go for the music!” and Bob Crocker who said,
“Let’s stand up and sing like we know what we’re doing!”
Spirituality Redemption
A Flame to represent the power
and intangibility of spirituality
(The Les Bates Memorial Window)
An Empty Cross as a reminder
of our victory over death
(The Patrick Siegfried and
Robert “Bobby” Moore)
Memorial Window Peace
Together in God’s House for Eternity A descending dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit
(Commissioned by Kevin Larrabee — “Peace to Those Who Struggled With Affliction, Peace to Their Loving Caregivers”)
GLBT Heritage Diversity
A Pink Triangle with two uncompleted
overlapping circles representing
two people together without limiting
their relationship by restrictions of gender
(Donated by Lloyd Burton and Michael Berry, in memory of our gay brothers and sisters who have gone before us)
A Rainbow to symbolize acceptance
of all people regardless of
sex, race, color, affectional preference,
or religious and ethnic background.
(The Daven Balcomb, Troy Naranjo, and Sweet Pea Memorial Window)
Love Faith
A heart imbued with an abstract
mosaic, one of the most
familiar symbols of love
(In memory of Paul Well Francis, Greg Wherry, and Douglas Batts: “We witness all temples return to sand, yet the Spirit they embodied embarks upon a courageous journey, celebrating a loving God”)
The Communion Bread
And Cup represents our
relationship with God
(The Martin B. Upp Memorial Window)