150 Eureka Building Timeline


2006: The building was vacated when a retaining wall next to room 108 began to fail. This was a life safety issue so there was no possible option other than to leave the building. After the building was vacated, it was inspected and found to be at the end of its useful life due to termite/dry rot issues, fire safety issues and the failed retaining wall. The retaining wall was shored to stabilize it, but this was by definition a temporary solution.

2008: The city issued a public access permit that allowed MCCSF to use part of the building. The permit was contingent on regular monitoring of the retaining wall by a structural engineer. The city never made any statement about what it would take to get a public access permit for the whole building but apart from anything else it would certainly include actual repair of the retaining wall.

2014: The building was inspected by a structural engineer who conducted his own inspection and who concurred with the report from 2006. He also reiterated that the shoring of the retaining wall is only a temporary solution intended to stabilize the wall. He also said that the construction needed to repair the retaining wall was likely to far exceed the value of the building.

Today: It is time for MCCSF to seriously consider what the next step will be.