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Transition Planning for MCCSF

Transition Planning for MCCSF

You will recall, at the congregational meeting on December 7th, the congregation approved four things:

  1. The revised bylaws,
  2. The 2015 budget,
  3. Selling both buildings (138 and 150 Eureka), and
  4. Engaging with FCC to develop a lease agreement to share space on Polk Street.

There is a committee that is coordinating the transition planning: Robert Shively, Irene Laudeman, Dennis Creagh, Jan Corlett and Wendy Tobias. Each person has specific responsibilities and will form subcommittees as needed. There is a lot to be done, and here is a brief summary of what is going on now, and what you can expect after the first of the new year:

Worship Planning – Robert Shively and Wendy Tobias

We are looking at a variety of services and events to engage this diverse community.

  • Church Chats after morning worship, and before evening worship.
  • Robert will post new office hours for January.
  • Watch for an event / worship service calendar to be shared in January.

Real Estate – Irene Laudeman

  • We have a realtor, Katherine Holland of Caldwell Banker, that we have been working with to identify options for space. Many congregants know her.
  • Katherine is preparing all the necessary documents to put the buildings on the market, which we expect to happen in January.
  • Selling both properties together could bring a higher price than selling them individually, but weʼll have to wait and see what offers are received.
  • The tenants of 138 Eureka have been told that the property is going to be sold.

Rental Agreement – Irene Laudeman

  • Irene is working closely with the pastor and board of FCC to negotiate a five year lease agreement.
  • The agreement will detail the space that will be available to MCC for offices, and for storage in the basement.
  • The agreement will also include decisions on sharing the use of the sanctuary, the first floor meeting room/fellowship hall, the sound equipment, organ, piano, etc.

Resource Management – Irene Laudeman and Jan Corlett

  • We are engaging a law firm who specialize in working with nonprofits who will help us to prepare a recommendation for how we will safeguard and invest the funds from the sale of the property.
  • The revised bylaws include specific provisions to shift the power over the funds from the Board to the congregation. This means that the Board will present a recommendation about what to do with the money to the congregation for a vote.
  • The Board recommendation will include a strategy for paying rent and supporting programs that will grow the church.

Communications – Jan Corlett and Maureen Bogues

  • Weekly updates will be provided in eConnections starting in January.
  • A webpage will be set up for the transition, with FAQʼs, announcements, a calendar of events, AND a comment box for you to ask questions and make suggestions. That link is mccsf.org/building
  • Congregational “brown bags” will be scheduled to discuss the disposition of assets at 150 Eureka that wonʼt be needed on Polk Street such as the sanctuary chairs, some sound and lighting equipment, the organ, piano, etc.

Physical Move Logistics – Dennis Creagh

  • As you can imagine, there are thousands of details to take care of to ensure a smooth transition.
  • The first priority will be to figure out what furniture, files and equipment needs to be moved to Polk Street.
  • After the move is completed, the next priority will be to clear out 150 Eureka, and dispose of furniture and equipment we donʼt need either sell it, donate it to another organization, or dispose of in some other way.
  • You can help – we will need volunteers when it is time to pack up for the move; unpack in the new space; and do the final clean out at 150 Eureka.

Administrative Logistics – Jan Corlett and Dennis Creagh

  • Your trusty Board Secretary and Treasurer will work closely with Steve, Irene and Robert to ensure that administrative logistics are taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Addresses will need to be changed on bank accounts, insurance policies, etc.
  • Insurance policies will need to be added for Polk Street and the ones for Eureka cancelled after the properties are sold.
  • Community folks who use our space like Castro on Patrol, LGCSF and the Castro Country Club need to be told about our plans to move so they have time to find alternate space for their activities.